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Online Coaching.

I currently offer 1 on 1 online coaching to those interested in taking their health and fitness goals to the next level. Spots are very limited as I like to keep my client base low to ensure each client gets my maximum attention. Book a consultation call below and let's find out if we are a good fit. 

Online coaching out of your budget? I offer one-time consultation calls and program/diet designs. We'll spend time together on a call discussing your specific problems and needs, and then I'll design a custom workout and nutrition plan for you to use.

My Services

Following coach Dave’s diet and exercise programming took me from 144 lbs to 203 lbs in under 4 years, launching me to my over 1000 lbs total, then cutting down to by far my lowest body fat percentage of my life. David’s understanding of both bodybuilding and powerlifting principles make him the ideal coach for anyone who’s looking to pack on serious size, shred down for the best physique of their life, or increase overall strength.

Michael C

I started with David in January of 2022. After several months of low activity and poor dieting David took time to meet and come up with a plan that was sustainable and included goals that I wanted to accomplish. Throughout this time David has been an attentive coach who would work with any issues or suggestions I provide him as well as perennially supporting me throughout the process. There was never a time where I felt that David wasn't giving me 100% or would not be around to hear my concerns and offer feedback. I truly believe that his coaching style lead to success greater than even I imagined and am glad to continue working with him.

Ryan S

I had been going to the gym for awhile before I started working with David, but never saw results in terms of gym numbers and physique progression. I lost 20 lbs of body fat while gaining strength in 10 weeks. Additionally, the information I learned about how to train and diet is knowledge I can use to this day.

Austin N

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